5 February 2020

Study Options for International Students in the UK

EOL-international student

The UK is one of the biggest study destinations for international students. International alone covers 6% of the total population of the United Kingdom.

 14% of the undergraduate students are from out of the UK and 2% of postgraduate students are international students.

So which study options are available for you to study in the UK?

  • Foundation or Undergraduate: If you have completed Higher Secondary Degree or A-Levels from your home university you can directly enter into undergraduate program but sometimes UK universities don’t accept the Higher Secondary degree they inspire you to join the foundation program before joining the university. Basically foundation programs are for students who don’t have enough English Language abilities or to get an overview of the university courses.
  • Pre-Masters: To enhance English language abilities and academic writing students sometimes go for pre-masters courses before studying for post-graduate. Pre-Masters will prepare a student to perform well in the masters.
  • Post-graduation: After completing undergraduate a student can apply for post-graduation in the UK. Most universities offer one year and two years masters courses. 
  • PHD:  a PHD is an extensive research degree which involves research in your choice of subject. A PHD is the highest degree in the education field. After completing masters students apply for PHD.
  • Distance Learning: Distance learning is attending universities online without moving from your home country. Lots of students around the world consider distance learning as they need just an internet connection to attend classes. 
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Study Options for International Students in the UK
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